Fashion show promotes sex trafficking awareness

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Clothed in Strength, Honor & Beauty, a conference on human trafficking and fashion show was held in September, 2015 in Sioux Falls, SD.  Workshops are designed to provide awareness on human trafficking, help youth to understand the dangers of Internet, promote self-esteem, honor, respect and to protect their bodies and to understand the modeling industry with techniques and tips. The event was free and there is hopeful planning for another event such as this one for Bismarck, ND. Models not only took part in the show but carried signs like ‘My body is not for sale’ and ‘Trafficking is not allowed.’ The fashion show and conference is needed to combat the rising numbers of Native American women involved in sex trafficking. The event was coordinated and sponsored by Still Smoking Designs, Wiconi Wawokiya, Native Women’s Society of the Great Plains, First Nation’s Women’s Alliance and Call to Freedom.

Photo courtesy of Still Smoking Designs

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