Sex trafficking awareness events impacting

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On January 5th, Wica Agli, a men’s movement that promotes awareness about violence against women and Native Women’s Society of the Great Plaints put red sand in the cracks of sidewalks in downtown Rapid City, SD. January is Human Trafficking awareness month and the Red Sand Project sends you kits with red sand and literature to promote awareness on trafficking. The red sand symbolizes the vulnerabilities that lead to the exploitation. Store owners in the area were notified what it was about and information cards were left. ‘Chosen’ a short film on sex trafficking was shown at a local theater with speakers with impacting information. The week before, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council passed a human/sex trafficking code for the tribe to better protect victims, especially on sex trafficking. Recently there has been several tribes across the nation to pass such codes. Sex trafficking in Indian country is not a current issue, it’s been here since colonization and should have been acted on long before by our tribal leaders. Sexual violence against Native women and children is way too silent in tribal communities and by doing awareness like the Red Sands Project educates communities. The US Attorney’s Office of South Dakota representative said 50 percent of cases prosecuted in South Dakota were tribal member victims and cited reasons for the high number and indicated there needs to be more public awareness in tribal communities and the people to fight trafficking on the reservations are people who live on the reservations.  Awareness spread in a unique way in downtown Rapid

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