Murdered and Disappeared Native Women project

The Murdered and Disappeared Native Women project is a project of Native Women’s Society of the Great Plains to promote awareness on Native American women who have been murdered or disappeared, to push for awareness on development of protocol and legislation and to address the issue of murdered and disappeared women. The awareness factor, along with social media, brochures and other awareness methods can help effectively to address the issue of Native women who have disappeared. Also to promote the understanding that a lack of effective action is deeply rooted in the historical treatment and negative views towards Native women. Native women were traditionally tied to the early philosophy that they represented the lifeblood of their respective tribal nations and in order to 'kill the Indian’ they were targeted for genocide. Currently the Murdered and Disappeared Native Women project is creating a display of miniature dresses, each representing a sister who has gone missing and murdered. The display will be used to promote awareness of our sisters who go missing and murdered and the protocols needed in Indian country for women who go missing.

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