Have you seen our sisters? T-Shirt


“Murdered and Disappeared Native Women is a project of Native Women’s Society of the Great Plains to promote awareness on Native women who have been murdered or disappeared, to push for awareness on development of protocol and legislation and to address the issue of murdered and disappeared women. The awareness factor, along with social media, news media, brochures and other awareness methods can help effectively to address the issue of Native women who have disappeared, especially in grassroots homeland to leadership. Promoting the understanding that a lack of effective action is deeply rooted in the historical treatment and negative views towards Native women. Native women were traditionally tied to the early philosophy that they represented the lifeblood of their respective tribal nations and in order to ‘kill the Indian’ they were targeted for genocide. No one knows what you stand for if you don’t have a platform.


*Sizes Adult S, M, L, XL,

**When available - Sizes Adult XXL($2.50 extra), XXXL($3.50 extra)



    On the front of the shirt is a black banner with the question "Have you seen our sisters?" printed in white. The image of an eagle plume is printed on the left shoulder in white. An image of a Native Woman with eagle plume in her hair behind a target with the words "Native Women Murdered and Disapperared" underneath. 


    NWSGP shipping method is USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes with a 1 to 3 day delivery. Rates for shipping will range from $8.25 up to $21.75, depending on number of Tshirts ordered.


    For picking up in the office enter promo code RESPECTWOMEN and receive a discount of $10.00. There is also an option in the shipping portion of your cart to pick up your order at the office for free!!


    *Sizes Adult S, M, L, XL,

    **When available - Sizes Adult XXL($2.50 extra), XXXL($3.50 extra)

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